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24th January 2019

Digital Vision World, are delighted to announce the role of our Industry leading software, Nucoda, in the newly released Russian movie masterpiece, DAU.

Shot on 35mm film and graded exclusively on Nucoda over the last 4 years, The DAU Project boasts a jaw dropping 700 hours of footage that director Ilya Khrzhanovsky employs to take viewers on an immersive journey through the trials and tribulations of the Soviet Union’s National Scientific Centre, from 1938 – 1968, shining a spotlight on the Nobel Prize winning Physicist Lev Landau.

Post-Production was handled exclusively by Phenomen Films, based in Piccadilly, London, where the DAU Project’s head colourist, Lionel Kopp deployed Nucoda as his weapon of choice. Lionel Kopp had this to say about his experience with Nucoda: “I have worked on Nucoda for many years and on many high-profile movies from Paris to Hollywood and know the superb images that I can achieve with this tool. Taking on the colour grading responsibility for the DAU Project required the best colour grading tools out there, and I had no hesitation to go straight to my weapon of choice, Nucoda, and once again it blew me away.”