Nucoda is a premium colour grading and finishing solution for feature films, commercials and broadcast applications. It combines a creative tool set, and integration with the Avid workflow including full support for Avid Interplay and Avid NEXIS storage devices Setting new standards in the highest quality. Nucoda supports ACES colour managed workflows, HDR and Dolby Vision. With an industry leading colour toolset, used by clients such as The Farm, Picture Shop and Pixar Animation Studios, Nucoda is used to create complex looks and visual styles for film, television and animation. With over 30 years of image science culminating in the Digital Vision Optics (DVO) suite of enhancement tools, Nucoda ensures the highest quality imagery available.


Easy Project creation – Create multiple output formats for a single project. Easily create multiple deliverable versions in different resolutions.

ACES 1.1 Managed Colour.

Import and Conform* – Easy conform using AAF, EDL and XML (Premiere) Support for animated resizes, opacity, dissolves, retimes from AAF and XML. Support for high performance Apple ProRes, Avid DNX, MXF, Camera RAW files.

Flexible multi-layer timeline – Work with material in a familiar and flexible way, using multiple video and audio tracks. Easily move and trim shots, lock and solo tracks, track based compositing. Timeline and shot bookmarks allow for better organisation and retrieval of information. Automatic track naming for VFX intensive workflows

Source Editing – Three point editor.

Dolby Vision Mastering – Mastering and trimming of Dolby Vision content with integrated software content mapping and support for hardware content mapping unit.

Library – Automatic folder creation on import. Material sorting. Find in timeline and Find in library standard project setup on per user basis.

Interoperability – Interoperability with third-party systems supporting industry standard formats like Avid DNxHR, MXF and Apple ProRes -including metadata.

Read and Write Avid DNxHR, MXF and Apple Prores. Avid Interplay.

EXR integrated Matte support.

Multiple, layer based colour tools* – Each colour layer contains multiple tools to manipulate the colour of your image. LGG, Balance, Brightness Regions, RGB Curves, Printer Lights, Hue Curves, Luma-Sat, Sat-Sat, Blur, Brightness Contrast, Colour Curves, Printer Lights, Channel Mixer.

Layer Router – Advanced layer routing functionality combined with isolation tools for every layer. RGB, alpha and luma mattes, shapes, keys, difference mattes. Transfer functions and transparency between every layer. Route any layer.

Paint & Difference Matte on every layer – Easily restore the source material or retouch, generate difference mattes for advanced regrain.

Advanced report generation – Generate customised HTML reports to help with billing and planning.

Restoration report – Generate custom restoration reports as HTML. Includes source information, tools used, amount of manual fixes.

VFX Report – Report on VFX shots – Source information, Markers and Notes.

Comprehensive comparison tools – Compare images and grades by track, playhead, source or event. Modes include: Dual, Split, Checkerboard, Red Diff, Butterfly, Cut Mono, Mono*10, Diff Multiply.

Event view – Use the event view to navigate, compare and recall easily from any other timeline event. Open different compositions for recall or comparisons from other compositions. Recall entire grades or single tools.

Configurable Master Reset – Configurable Master reset means users can choose what effect to ignore during resets.

Easy save and recall of notes and tools – Save and recall effects using notes, from single tools and layers to complicated multi-layered effects. Create a library of notes and apply to any segment on any timeline in any project.

User Default for all tools – Save personal preference for effects and use as default.

DVO Image enhancement* – Access to Digital Vision DVO tools for advanced image processing. Tools can be purchased individually or in predefined collections.

Access to OFX plugin effects – OFX support including Sapphire and Re:Vision effects.

GPU Accelerated colour tools* – All colour tools and Pan & Scan tools on are GPU accelerated for increased interactivity and performance.

Fully automated background caching – Unobtrusive background rendering ensures you always have the best results available without interruption. User selectable GPU and layer cache to streamline operations and greatly enhance user interactivity. Compressed caches supported.

Monitoring using AJA Kona 4 / 5 or Decklink Series cards Resolutions up to 4K/UHD/8K and high frame rate support.

Integrated Scopes and Measurement – User configurable scopes and measurement tools. ROI Display. Waveform and PQ Nit displays. Custom labels.

Multiple monitor support – Multi monitor support with different resolution configurations makes working on complex timelines a breeze.